What do we do?

We work with you to determine the problems your business is facing. Whether that is an outdated website, a need for special inventory management software, or even a custom ticket verification system. We will work with you to determine what we can do for you and your business.

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Why use us?

We know it’s cliche but we’re not one of the guys. You get locked into a contract and these companies make you pay hundreds of dollars just to change a few pictures. That’s not right, morally, and it certainly isn’t viable for small business or county based organizations. We refuse to do that. We offer a standard content management system that allows you to make small changes like that on demand and it’s simple enough that even the least tech savvy person can do it! We do have a monthly fee depending upon what you’re trying to do. We keep in mind the bottom dollar for your business and will work with you personally to reach a deal that best works for you.

How do we do it?

We leverage existing frameworks like Next.js and content management systems like Sanity Studio to provide a complete, well-rounded product that will reliably boast 99.9% uptime. We program each website from the ground up on top of the backbone of these ground-breaking technologies.

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What is our process?

1. We receive notification from you that you are interested in a website or business software either by email or phone call. 2. We setup a time to discuss in depth what problems your business is facing. 3. We will email you some rough user interface designs and a quote. 4. Once we have approval from you to build we will design more fleshed out designs. 5. We will send the final designs out for approval. 6. After you have reviewed and approved the designs we will begin developing the software. 7. Upon completion we will work closely with you to seamlessly integrate our software with your day to day activity.